Phulmani Khacchap’s daily struggle keeps an entire village healthy in Jharkhand

Phulmani Khacchap’s daily struggle keeps an entire village healthy in Jharkhand


Read the story of Phulmani Khacchap, who overcomes daily struggles to keep a village healthy in #Jharkhand.

Phulmani Khacchap, 50, lives in Ranchi district of Jharkhand with her husband and two daughters. What’s extraordinary about that, you may wonder?

Phulmani is also working as an Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) at the Health Sub Centre (HSC) located in Jidu village. She covers more than 35kms everyday to reach Jidu village and has been working at this position for the past four years.

Jidu is a small village, with a total population of 1120 (580 Male & 540 female). The village is surrounded by green forest and hills. The inhabitants are mainly engaged in agricultural work and daily wages.

The HSC of Jidu village may look small in appearance but it is stocked with IEC materials and posters. Necessary equipments, essential medicines, family planning methods, IFA tablets, sanitary napkins etc are available at the centre. There is also a separate table for abdominal and other checkups. 

The health centre has posters and all the necessary equipments required on a daily basis. 

During village health and nutrition day, Phulmani Khacchap is the first to make all the arrangements necessary for providing smooth services to infants, pregnant and lactating women as well as adolescent girls. 

Despite her hectic schedule she finds time to also make regular home visits to pregnant women to counsel them on maternity care during pregnancy, importance of ANC & PNC checkups, motivating pregnant women for institutional deliveries, counselling on health & nutrition, intake of IFA tablets etc. Lactating mothers are counselled on neo natal care, family planning methods, safe abortion etc.

Contribution of Oxfam India

Oxfam India has been working towards capacity building and training of the ANMs and frontline workers for the last three years in the community. 

Phulmani acknowledges the difficulties in the community, due to lack of information and knowledge. The training helped her discharge her duties with willingness. It also shows the importance of proper training of ANMs and the important role they play in ensuring better health of the community.  



Written by: Oxfam India staff

Photo credit: Oxfam India




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