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Stories that inspire us
#COVID19: Oxfam India is responding

07 Aug, 2020


Locked Down in Tea Estates

Rantu Munda, a 32-year-old in the tea garden has had no work since the lockdown as he is a temporary worker. With no work in the tea gardens, and the lockdown restricting their movement, they were stuck without income and were running out of food. "For us, hunger could be more deadly than the coronavirus,” he said.
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#COVID19: Oxfam India is responding

15 Jul, 2020


A Pleasant Surprise

"When they came back and informed us about the distribution, I was sure it would be some small help. But when I went to the distribution site, it was a great surprise for me when I saw what was on display. The volunteer explained to me that we would receive all these items," said Amul.
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#COVID19: Oxfam India is responding

15 Jul, 2020


A Shopping Experience

The next day she was on time to receive the ration kit and was surprised to see the items that were provided. “I had to run back home to ask my husband to accompany me as I knew that I would not be able to carry all of it on my own. It felt like I went shopping to a grocery store after a long time,” says a smiling Mahalakshmi.
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