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Oxfam India is a movement to end discrimination in India.

Your monthly support will help us to continue working for every marginalised person across the country without any hurdles.

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  • Work with marginalised communities to find solutions to deep-rooted social and economic inequalities and support them in their fight against discrimination
  • Ensure access to good quality healthcare for every person irrespective of their social and economic background by advocating for strengthening India’s public healthcare system
  • Ensure each child in India gets good quality education irrespective of their social and economic background by advocating for increased expenditure on government schools
  • Save and rebuild lives of people facing disasters by providing shelter, food, clean water, access to toilets and livelihood support
  • Research and dig deep to find solid evidence which can help governance systems take inclusive policy decisions so that vulnerable people can realise their rights despite shocks, stresses, and uncertainty

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Discrimination in India

Minority groups are increasingly being subjected to social and economic discrimination and violence. The groups also face the worst during humanitarian disasters. Further, around 93% of the work force in India is in the informal sector, thus putting the workers at an increased risk of exploitation.
Source: National Sample Survey (2009-2010)

Lack of quality Public Healthcare and Education

Every year 63 million people in India are pushed into poverty due to out-of-pocket expenditure on healthcare. India’s expenditure on education has hovered around 3% of its GDP. Public schools and hospitals lack the means to provide quality education and healthcare, leaving the poor with no access to good quality services.
Source: Draft National Health Policy, 2015

Violence against women and girls

Every day there are more than 900 crimes against women in India. India dropped four places to 112th ranking in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index 2019-20. Even though a lot has been done for women’s rights, many policies have not been delivered on the ground. The patriarchal structure continues to be strong. Source: National Crime Records Bureau India (2017)

Economic Justice

Marginalised communities have the lowest levels of literacy, health, and food security in the country. They live in some of the most resource-rich states and call forests their home. Oxfam India works towards fair sharing of natural resources, specifically land, minerals, and energy, and ensuring better livelihoods for tribals and other forest-dependent communities.

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Oxfam has been in India since 1951. Oxfam India is a movement of people working to end discrimination and create a just and an equal India. In 2019 alone, we reached out to more than 33 lakh people through our various intervention programmes.

Your monthly donation to Oxfam India will help us continue providing support to the most vulnerable people and ensure that in the coming years we create a just and discrimination free India. Monthly donations help Oxfam India to work on the ground without any hurdles.

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Your contributions are eligible for up to 50% Tax benefit under section 80G

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