Five things that you can do to help people In Nepal

Five things that you can do to help people In Nepal

Oxfam is in Nepal and we are there for the long haul. Our team is on the ground and will provide Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) support, along with food and emergency shelter support. 

The threat of public health risk is quickly becoming a reality. Every donation you make to Oxfam, you will help:

1. Provide clean drinking water to the thousands in need


2. Provide sanitation utilities to ensure women’s privacy and dignity

3. Provide dry food rations to thousands who are displaced and do not have access to food

4. Provide hygiene kits for women and girls.

5. Provide emergency shelters kits to people, who are forced to be in the open and need protection, including solar lamps for lighting.

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The people of Nepal need your help. Contributions to provide them food, water and shelter will help save thousands of lives. 

With each passing day the situation is only worsening in Nepal. You must act now.   

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Find out how Oxfam India is enabling communities by working to provide a life of dignity and equal opportunity for all.Get to know more about Oxfam India`s latest projects.

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