Oxfam has reached Gorkha district in Nepal

Oxfam has reached Gorkha district in Nepal


#Oxfam team from India has reached Gorkha district, worst affected by #NepalEarthquake. Know more.http://bit.ly/1GkxxHg #OxfaminNepal

Oxfam’s team from India has reached Gorkha district, one of the worst affected regions after the #NepalEarthquake.

After an arduous 17 hour drive from India, our team reached Nepal. They reached ground zero and assessed the humanitarian needs of two villages in the Gorkha district.

The situation on the ground is grim. An initial assessment from the team on the ground suggests that there is a critical need for emergency shelter and food assistance in Gorkha region. 

Majority of the houses are partially damaged and will not be liveable. People are displaced and need urgent food assistance.

Water systems and village infrastructure is damaged and this has caused disruption in accessing safe water for domestic consumption. 

The team visited the village, VDC Bootak, and met with the district officers in Gorkha to understand the disaster situation better. People in the region are displaced but not in any organised camps. Many have fled the villages and there is still no trace of them.

There are reports of extensive damage to some of the remote villages and people are now being evacuated, while search and rescue operations continue. These villages can be accessed only by foot or by helicopters.  

Villages assessed: 

Lamsang: 30 – 40 % damaged; Pokribara: 40% damaged with many houses razed to the ground. 


A damaged house in Gorkha district. Photo credit: Andrio Naskar/ Oxfam India


Oxfam’s team from India assessing a village in Gorkha district following the devastating earthquake. Photo credit: Andrio Naskar/ Oxfam India

Photos credit: Andrio Naskar/Oxfam India

To see more images from ground zero. Click here.



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