No hurdle too big for Laxmi as she helps women get justice

No hurdle too big for Laxmi as she helps women get justice


Read the amazing story of Laxmi, who overcame her struggles and now helps other women get

No hurdle too big for Laxmi, as she helps women get justice. Read here. @OxfamIndia

Only after a few years of her marriage, Laxmi Kadraka came to know about her husband’s extra-marital relationships. Breaking all stereotypes she filed a case against her husband.

A resident of Sitapur village, Kalyansinghpur block, Raygarh district, Odisha, Laxmi worked as a daily labour to pay the fees her daughter’s school fee and also meet the expenses of the legal case. She did not take any support from her natal family or her matrimonial family.

Many men tried to take advantage of her situation in disguise of support, however, Laxmi was strong enough and finally won the case after four years.

Her husband, Banamali had understood his mistake by then and did a non-violent reconciliation with Laxmi in the court. Laxmi was 28 at that time.

Once Laxmi won the case she gained confidence to stand up against incidences of violence against other women. 

She participated in a women’s empowerment programme organised with support from Oxfam India that opened a new chapter in her life. 

With the support of Oxfam India and its partner, Laxmi was given Rs 1500 as a small grant for vegetable cultivation. She uses this money to set an example in front of the administration that Adivasi women can also generate livelihood through cultivation.

The district administration facilitated her as a Women farmer in the year 2008 and in 2009 she was awarded by the Governor of Odisha. 

Now at the age of 42, Laxmi is a well known figure in Kalyansinghpur block. 


Helping other women get justice 

When Sunadai Kadraka of Budhagudha village was thrown out of her house by her husband on the basis of certain false allegation, Laxmi held a collective mention, after which the husband accepted his mistake and gave Rs. 12,000 as penalty. This incident popularised her in the entire area. 

Laxmi also advocated with the caste Panchayat in the case of Ganga Devi Kadraka, who was divorced by her husband and after Laxmi’s intervention he had to give Rs. 1 Lakh as maintenance. 

“A secured income shows the way to women’s empowerment,” said Laxmi. 


Written by: Oxfam India staff

Photo Credit: Oxfam India



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