No place to go. Pregnant women in Jharkhand get check-up done in open field

No place to go. Pregnant women in Jharkhand get check-up done in open field


No place to go. Read how pregnant women are being treated in an open field in #Jharkhand.

No health centre for women in #Jharkhand village, only an open field. Read more.

Pregnant women in Pundaag village of Ormanjhi block in Ranchi district, Jharkhand have to undergo medical check-up and vaccinations in an open field.

Why? Because there is no Anganwaadi Centre (primary health centre) in the village. Pregnant women are forced undergo check-ups in the open field or in school rooms that are evacuated for medical purposes.

Also, children in the village are not receiving any nutrition inputs.

“We just want that if there is an Anganwaadi Centre here we get all the facilities we need. Right now vaccinations are happening in the open ground and in front of the pond. People are passing from there all day. For our privacy and check-ups we put-up drapes, but it is still in the open and we cannot undergo proper examination,” said Laxmi Devi, a resident of Pundaag village, who gave birth to her child three weeks ago.

Since 2010, people of Pundag village have three times filed an application demanding an Anganwaadi Centre. But to no avail. They are still trying.

This is a ground report by Video Volunteer (VV) community correspondent, Nirmala Ekka. This series on community monitoring of maternal health is supported by Oxfam India.


Pregnant women living below poverty line in India are entitled to two government schemes -- Janani Suraksha Yojana (JSY) and Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakaram (JSSK). 

Under them they are entitled: 

  • Free and cashless delivery
  • Free drugs and consumables
  • Free diet during stay in the health institutions


Written by: Oxfam India staff

Video source: Video Volunteers



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