Delhi RTE forum holds two-day event to chalk out roadmap of working with new state government

Delhi RTE forum holds two-day event to chalk out roadmap of working with new state government

A two-day consultation has been organised by the Delhi Right to Education (RTE) forum to reach a consensus on issues they want to engage the state government with.

The consultation will bring together members from civil society organizations, School Management Committee (SMC) members, teachers, teacher educators and other concerned citizens for building strategies to critically improve school education in the state.

The result of the state assembly election has brought a breath of fresh air. Expectations are high to bring people’s needs into the governments agenda.

The RTE forum is optimistic on pursuing the new government on education of children.

Education and health were key core commitments in Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) election manifesto.

“AAP treats education as one of its principle priorities. We affirm our commitment to ensuring the provision of truly equitable access to all sections of society, irrespective of their ability to pay. Currently Delhi spends 15% of the state budget on education which shows its mis-aligned priorities.” During the consultation the participants will sharpen their demands on school education and build strategy on approaching the government over the coming years.

The consultation will work towards:

  • Sharpening our school education demands to be taken to the government.
  • Evolving strategies to approach the government on short term and long term basis.
  • Creating a broader civil society platform on promoting equitable quality education with inclusion in Delhi.


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