Chris Martin visits education project of Oxfam India in Delhi

Chris Martin visits education project of Oxfam India in Delhi


#ChrisMartin visits education project of @OxfamIndia in #Delhi. Watch him sing with the children.

@Coldplay singer #ChrisMartin and @FriedaPinto visit education project of @OxfamIndia in #Delhi. Read more.

Yes, you read it right! Coldplay singer and Oxfam global ambassador Chris Martin visited the project site of Oxfam India’s partner Empowerment for Rehabilitation Academic and Health (EFRAH) in the resettlement colony of Madanpur Khadar on the outskirts of Delhi.

Martin was accompanied by actress Freida Pinto. The Coldplay singer had a terrific time with the children of EFRAH. 

See below the video of Chris Martin singing and grooving with the children of EFRAH. 

CEO of Oxfam India, Nisha Agrawal, who accompanied Chris Martin for the project visit said: “We're thrilled that Chris has come to India and visited one of our projects, he really understands how we are working and talked to everyone he met.  He was particularly impressed with Aneesha and Pooja, two students and members of a youth group who help other children attend school.  He said those girls were capable of doing anything they wanted.”

After his visit to the project site, Chris Martin dropped by to the Oxfam India office and met the excited staff. He posed questions about the work done by Oxfam India and was keenly understanding the ground realities that fuel Oxfam India to work for reducing poverty and inequality.


Why Chris Martin visited EFRAH?

Empowerment for Rehabilitation Academic and Health (EFRAH) is a partner of Oxfam India and works for the children of rag pickers, domestic workers, construction workers, street vendors who live in these slums.

Most of these children drop out from schools to curb the family’s financial expenses or take care of younger siblings, while their parents go out for work. 

EFRAH works to bring these out-of-school children back to education. Last year the organisation helped enrol 136 children back in schools.


Written by: Sahil Sharma, Digital Content Lead, Oxfam India

Photo and video credit: Gunjan Jain, News and Media Manager, Oxfam India



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