Oxfam India’s champion: Megha

Oxfam India’s champion: Megha

Regular classroom transactions in local language helped this girl to achieve minimum learning competencies and encouraged her to attend school regularly.

Megha* was always keen to attend school but with hardly any money to survive, her parents stopped her from going to school. In the morning, Megha would collect leaves with her parents to earn a living. In the evenings she would look after her siblings and learn domestic skills

Oxfam India with its partner undertook a project and conducted a survey in Odisha villages to identify dropouts and out-of-school children. They also carried counselling sessions on the importance of education for the parents. Workshops were conducted to create awareness on the Right to Education (RtE) Act, regular meetings with child cabinet and School Management Committee (SMC) in the village and schools.

When Oxfam India recognized Megha as a dropout, she was enrolled in a learning program. It was observed that she was afraid to communicate with teachers due to language barriers. Megha was unable to follow Odia language. Oxfam India helped in appointing a language teacher in the school. As part of the project, several child-centric activities and teaching-learning activities in tribal language were facilitated in the school. Regular classroom transactions in local language helped Megha to achieve minimum learning competencies and encouraged her to attend school regularly.

Megha, now in class five is a confident girl being  able to write and read in Odia language. She has also fared well in other curricular activities such as singing and sports. Recently, she was awarded by the school for her multiple talents both at Panchayat and Block level. 

When people like you support Oxfam India’s work, we are able to conduct such systematic and focused interventions that helps in enrolling drop out children in school and help them become champions.
*Name changed to protect identity.

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