Solidarity Is Our Weapon- The International Women’s Strike

Solidarity Is Our Weapon- The International Women’s Strike

On 8th of March, women around the world will take part in a strike under the banner “Solidarity is our weapon.” The International Women’s Strike (IWS) consists to date of women from over 35 countries and in the words of the organisers: 

“We’ll strike because we are fed up with misogyny and the persistent permissiveness on the part of elected leaders and public persons about using hate speech, and church support in such crimes. We’ll strike because democratic institutions neglect to protect public safety and to ensure justice, and media organizations negligent of their lawful responsibility to provide reliable information and full coverage. We’ll strike because women defending their rights are often not receiving support in their homes and communities, instead facing insults and threats.” 

Oxfam is supporting the strike: 

• To stand in solidarity with women around the world, both those striking and those who are unable to strike, either due to job insecurity, fear of violence and intimidation, because they are burdening the unpaid care work of caring for children, the sick or elderly, or due to other causes. 

• To stand in solidarity with the women’s rights organisations and movements leading the strike in a creating a global movement for change, empowering women and men to create a future that is secure, just, and free from poverty. In supporting their efforts we seek to respect their leadership and to amplify their voice and impact. 

• Because we recognise that without the concerted effort by governments that the strike leaders are calling for it will be impossible to realise our mission to create lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty. Collective action in the face of injustice is a central principle in Oxfam’s campaigning and programing, whether in our work to end women’s economic inequality, end violence against women and girls, end the exploitation of women’s labour or to support those facing and fleeing conflict and insecurity. 

• Because we recognise that we need to address gender inequality and discrimination within our own organisation and our sector more broadly as well. Women in NGO’s continue to be concentrated in the lowest paid jobs, are more likely to face violence, harassment and abuse, and have reduced power and influence in our organisations. The strike accords us an opportunity to consider the position of women within our own institution and commit to a better future. 

Stands In Solidarity with Oxfam India

On March 8, Oxfam India will stand in solidarity with women across the globe to protest the social acceptance of domestic violence in India.

Oxfam India’s campaign on violence against women #BanoNayiSoch aims to change the underlying social norms that influence individuals, collectives of women and men, norm-setters and institutions.

Government data* shows that 54 per cent of women age 15-49 and 51 per cent of men age 15-49 agree with one or more reasons for beating their partner.

Data from both women and men suggest that being a respectful daughter-in-law and properly looking after the house and children are perhaps essential roles that when not properly fulfilled, are deserving of beatings.

What are we asking you to do?

Our supporters can show solidarity by taking one of the following actions:

  •  WEAR RED: We ask all to wear red to show solidarity. Help us create a visual reminder by sharing group or individual photos holding posters with messages like “I am on strike because I want equality in relationship or I am on strike because I will not accept beating for not serving warm food.
  •  JOIN THE STRIKE- Feel free to join the physical strike 11am to 2 pm from Rajiv Chowk Metro station to Parliament Street
  • SUPPORT ON SOCIAL MEDIA- Tweet and Retweet messages on strike. Feel free to write a blog on or after that on your thoughts on the strike. Change your Facebook profile to one of the various badges designed for the campaign. Use Hastag, #BanoNayiSoch #IStrikeFor
  •  AUTO REPLY OUT OF OFFICE: Be at work and join the strike by setting an out of office auto reply ‘I am on strike against domestic violence’ and create awareness about domestic violence through your network.
  • GIVE A MISSED CALL, ASK OTHERS TO JOIN- Send messages to 5 of your friends and ask them to support the movement by giving a missed call on 9700089555.


Gender Justice

We campaign to change patriarchal mindsets that influence violence against women  

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