Government of Odisha releases Climate Budget 2020-2021

Government of Odisha releases Climate Budget 2020-2021

Oxfam India’s sustained efforts have resulted in the Government of Odisha releasing 'Climate Budget 2020-2021'. The Government of Odisha has come out with an exclusive document ‘Climate Budget’ which depicts the proportion of budget allocated for mitigating climate change.  The document was presented in the Odisha Legislative Assembly on the occasion of the recent budget session of Odisha, commenced from 14 Feb 2020.

This has been successful because of three years of advocacy process led by Oxfam India, especially the Bhubaneswar Regional Office, in collaboration with Unicef and CANSA. The process started with an assessment of State Action Plan for Climate Change (SAPCC), the sectoral schemes and identified welfare schemes that can build resilience of women and children as those at forefront facing climate impacts. The objectives of the study were to review the status of implementation of Odisha SAPCC (2010-2015) with regard to planning vs. realisation, implementation strategies, addressing women and child vulnerabilities and the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) framework; review Odisha SAPCC (2015-2020) to know the extent to which the key priorities are addressing the vulnerabilities, appropriateness of the action plans aligned with key priorities, scope for collaboration/convergence, and the M&E mechanism; to review budget process, allocation and expenditure pattern for SAPCC 2010-2015 and 2015-2020. The assessment was conducted along with CYSD budget Cell and the report was presented to CSOs and other stake holders for their inputs. A set of recommendations were drawn on the basis of the study findings and also the inputs received from consultations. One of the key recommendations was for a separate budget statement on climate change.

The findings of the study were shared among different stakeholders including an exclusive presentation to legislators in the state assembly. There were also many discussions in the media through which public opinion was generated in favour of having a separate budget statement for climate change. The department of Forest and Environment, that is the nodal department for climate change work in the state was part of the entire process from the very beginning. The study findings along with the recommendations were officially submitted to the Forest and Environment department.

We now hope this process can be replicated by other state governments.

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