Celebration of Iconic Days In Mohalla Classes

Celebration of Iconic Days In Mohalla Classes

Yoga Day, Day Against Child labour and even World Food Safety Day — Our community mobilisers celebrated different iconic days with the Mohalla Classes, PRI members and the community members in our villages in Raebareli, Fatehpur and Pratapgarh. Here’s how June went.

International Yoga day

Various programmes were organised in the community on the occasion of Yoga Day on 21 June in all the three districts of Raebareli cluster—Fatehpur, Raebareli and Pratapgarh. Our community mobilisers interacted with the children in the ongoing Mohalla class and conducted yoga sessions. Children had a lot of fun in the process. Community mobilisers discussed with children how they can keep their bodies healthy by incorporating yoga in their daily lives. Along with this, the health centres in the community also celebrated Yoga Day where ANM, ASHA, CHO together conducted yoga sessions and held discussions around women’s health. PRI members and village heads held meetings in panchayat building with the community and MGNREGA workers and conducted yoga sessions. 632 people — including 237 girls, 191 boys, 37 men, 167 women — participated enthusiastically in the three districts.

World Day Against Child Labour

The World Day Against Child Labour draws attention to the problem of child labour and to find ways to eradicate it. The day is important as it spreads awareness on the harmful mental and physical problems faced by children forced into child labour the world over. 

In three districts of Raebareli cluster—Fatehpur, Raebareli and Pratapgarh— we ensured the total participation of community members —327 people including 87 boys,116 girls, 69 women, 55 men. We conducted rally along with teachers, community members and children to create awareness around education and the ills of child labour; children drew posters and held discussions on this. 

In Fatehpur district, children made a beautiful arc with their painted hands and promised that they would study daily. 

World Environment day

World Environment Day was celebrated in all the three districts of —Fatehpur, Raebareli and Pratapgarh— in which 343 people including 112 boys,128 girls, 45 men and 58 women participated. Our children from the mohalla classes, community and public representatives were made aware of the environment; children expressed their views on the importance of environment through posters and were also taken on an exposure trip of the block. Children along with BDO Ashwani Kumar Sonkar, Block Head Amit Kumar Singh and Forest Regional Officer Anil Kumar in Lalganj Block planted Harishankari trees.

The BDO interacted with the children on the importance of environment. Children told that we get air, wood, fruits, flowers, honey etc. from trees. Children gave their school problems in writing. The children were very happy after interacting with the BDO. He also promised to solve the problem of the school. Along with this, the children and other members also planted saplings while interacting in the community. Poster making, drawings, slogan writing etc. was also done by the children of our mohalla classes. 

World Food Safety Day

The WHO announced "Safer Food, Better Health" as the theme for this year's World Food Safety Day. In Gram Panchayat Nabasta (Block Haswa) and GP Sangav (Block Telyani) of Fatehpur district this day was celebrated in our mohalla classes with children drawing their favourite fruits and vegetables. Our community mobiliser Deepak make children understand the importance of food and safety issues related to it. They were also made to understand the difference between organic farming and chemical farming with their advantages and disadvantages. It’s very important to make children understand the importance of healthy food. 90 people joined in our celebrations including 74 children.

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