Oxfam India collaborates with Josh Talks

Oxfam India collaborates with Josh Talks

Oxfam India collaborated with Josh Talks, an Indian media platform, to amplify awareness about their #YesDemocracy Campaign 2019. The objective of this campaign in India was to initiate a dialogue with different stakeholders to ensure quality public education and universal healthcare remain on top of the agenda before the General Assembly Elections 2019.

Oxfam India collaborates with Josh Talks to fight against democracy in India

The conference was organised at CoWrks Gurugram on 10 May 2019 and witnessed presence of speakers and a highly curated audience hailing from diverse backgrounds. It began with individual talks, where speakers shared their personal stories, highlighting their very own and real struggles due to lack of quality education and healthcare. While these heart-warming stories resonated with the audience, it also helped them to reflect on their willingness to put into use their expertise and contribute towards the cause. This was followed by a conversation with Komal, a young change maker from Sikhrodi Village, Uttar Pradesh, who discussed the importance of education as a tool to empower young girls in the rural parts of India.

Oxfam India collaborates with Josh Talks to fight against democracy in India

The programme was concluded with a dialogue with Amitabh Behar, CEO of Oxfam India. He discussed the gravity of Inequality in the country, the status of democracy in India and Oxfam India’s efforts to address the problem with its #YesDemocracy Campaign. He added, “We share this vision that it is going to be a hard struggle to create a just India, to create an India which is free from want and fear.”

Oxfam India collaborates with Josh Talks to fight against democracy in India

As per The Economist’s Democracy Index 2018, India is ranked at 41- a notch above than 2017. With a score of 7.23, India is classified as a ‘flawed democracy’ as per the democracy index 2018. (Source- Business Standard)

The Economist’s Democracy Index ranks nations on five parameters – electoral process and pluralism, functioning of government, political participation, political culture and civil liberties. Among all these parameters India fared the worst when it came to political culture. 

About #YesDemocracy Campaign

#YesDemocracy is a joint initiative of Oxfam India and several other Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), think tanks, academicians, social influencers and organisations like RTE (Right to Education) Forum etc. With the aim of upholding equal citizenship for all in the country, #YesDemocracy is a campaign in India that aims to ensure free and quality education and healthcare for all India citizens.

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About Josh Talks

Co-founded by Shobhit Banga and Supriya Paul in January 2015, Josh Talks is a media platform that aims to support and uplift aspirations of Young India. It exhibits a wide range of subjects in multiple regional languages for speakers to share their stories. The goal of Josh Talks is to inspire action. Over the last three years, Josh Talks has showcased over 1500 talks and touched over 100+ million lives, both online and offline.

With its special focus on Tier II and Tier III cities, Josh Talks is working on building an all-inclusive, passionate community of young individuals from both rural and urban areas. Every talk conference is recorded and edited for the sole purpose of making it available for anyone and everyone. They are available on platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Josh Talks is also associated with ScoopWhoop, YuppTV, GazabPost, Pocket Aces and Dainik Bhaskar, among many others.

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