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Oxfam India organized two state level consultations under education program

Oxfam India organized two state level consultations under education program

Oxfam India organized two state event under education program in Lucknow in collaboration with SCORE, UPFORCES, NCE etc. on 27th and 28th of December. The event aimed at taking forward the agenda of equal and quality education to all by synergizing the efforts of like-minded networks and alliances.

Uttar Pradesh Pre-school and Right to Education (RTE) Stocktaking

On 27th December 2018, Oxfam India organized stocktaking on education in collaboration with State Collective for Right to Education (SCoRE- UP RTE Forum) and UPFORCES (alliance of CSOs working for Pre-school and ECD issues in UP). The stocktaking was attended by a representative of State Commission for Protection of Child Rights - Dr Preeti Verma who assured on deeper engagement on the issues of pre-school and RTE implementation in Uttar Pradesh (UP). The status of pre-school education and RTE implementation and inequality in education was presented by the representative of Oxfam India. 


The report which was extensively reported by SCoRE and UPFORCES members in 30 districts. It highlighted largely of Dalit and Muslim children enrolled in both pre-primary and elementary schools. The data revealed that in the state approximately 34 lakhs (estimated) children are out of school. SCoRE members identified 1,501 out of school children from 26-gram panchayats of the state. Among identified out of school children, 38.51% as Dalit and 21.85% as Muslim. 3.13% among them are reported formal child labor. 


Mr. Ambrish Rai (Convener- RTE Forum), Mr. Ramakant Rai (Convener- National Coalition for Education), Ms. Veena Gupta (Former representative- NCPCR), Ms. Deepa (SCERT), two representatives of Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan, Ms. Chaitashree Ghosh (ECD alliance), Ms. Renu Shukla (Anganwadi Supervisors Association) and other representatives of SCoRE also presented their views. 

By the end of the event, it was decided to engage and meet the education department and SCPCR on the gaps in the implementation of pre-school and RTE Act in UP. SCPCR also assured that they will take up the issue of deployment of teachers in non-academic work. SCoRE will now develop a manifesto through a consultative process and based on the findings of the status report and engage stakeholders to make education a priority agenda in the upcoming election. 

State Consultation on Safety and Security in Schools

In collaboration with the National Coalition for Education, SCoRE, Save the Children and Vigyan Foundation, Oxfam India organized a consultation on safety and security in schools on 28th December 2018. The consultation was organized with the objective of demanding formulation of safety and security guideline in the state as per the direction of Supreme Court and in line with RTE provisions. The demand was also to formulate a law on this for the state.


During the consultation, Mr Suresh Chandra- IAS (Principle Secretary – Labor and employment) and Mr Rizwi (IAS) presented their views and gave a commitment that they will take up the issue of safety and security guidelines in UP. The representative of SCPCR, Dr. Preeti Verma also assured of working on the issue by engaging different departments and take up issues of violation of RTE norms related to this in the state. Mr. Amitabh (SPARK) presented about the status of differently abled children in schools and challenged associated with that. Oxfam India submitted a demand letter to SCPCR, Principle Secretary- Labor and employment and Special Secretary- Basic Education. 

Oxfam India's Education Program

Oxfam India's Education Program aims to help in effective implementation of RTE provisions in all government schools, enrolment of all out of school children, provision of quality education and school facilities and an extension of RTE ambit by covering pre-primary and secondary school education so children can get free and compulsory education till class 12th. With support from people like you, we will be able to able to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of reducing inequality through the provision of quality education for all.

In 2017, Oxfam India helped over 86,000 children including enrolment of 11,000 boys and 12,044 girls in schools who are now receiving quality education. You too can help children especially girls receive quality education in India. Support Oxfam India's Education Program and help send 85 lakh out-of-school girls back to their classroom.


We work to achieve the goal of universal, inclusive and quality elementary education.

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