Say yes to #EqualWaliDiwali

Say yes to #EqualWaliDiwali

Dussehra, Dhanteras, and Diwali constitute the most awaited festive season in India. Marking new beginnings and celebrating the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness, it is often associated with exchanging gifts, wearing new clothes, and feasting together with your loved ones. While houses are decorated with lights, candles, and traditional earthen diyas on the outside, on the inside, this festive season is mostly accompanied by ceremonial gambling with friends, family, and relatives.

The Diwali Season is a source of boundless joy and happiness for the privileged like us. Unfortunately, for the underprivileged, it is just another time of the year. Socio-economic gaps between the rich and poor have increased drastically over the years, leaving them with very little or no means to make their ends meet, let alone celebrate a festival like we do.

“India’s top 10% of the population holds 77.4% of the total national wealth. The contrast is even sharper for the top 1% that holds 51.53% of the national wealth. The bottom 60%, the majority of the population, own merely 4.8% of the national wealth. Wealth of top 9 billionaires is equivalent to the wealth of the bottom 50% of the population.” says Oxfam’s Inequality Report ‘Public Good or Private Wealth’.

Say yes to #EqualWaliDiwali

This festive season, gift a festival to someone who has never known the joy of celebrating one. Become a part of Oxfam India’s #EqualWaliDiwali Campaign and contribute towards creating an inclusive space for all, where everyone irrespective of their gender and socio-economic background, gets an equal chance at a fabulous festive season.  

To be part of Oxfam India’s #EqualWaliDiwali Campaign, you can:

  1. Donate for dignity

Dalit communities are forced to practice manual scavenging even though caste-based discrimination has been banned for years now. A law was passed in 1993 to ban manual scavenging in India and punish those who employ manual scavengers, yet this law is being flouted all around us and the plight of the Dalit communities continues.

While caste-based discrimination is a sad commentary on the progress that we have made so far as a developing nation, rooted within it is an additional layer of patriarchy that piles on the most dehumanising jobs on women within Dalit communities. Women are forced to clean human excreta from dry pit latrines for as little as two rotis a day.

Oxfam India along with its partners have been working to end discrimination in India, especially among women. Your support will amplify our voice against manual scavenging.

Donate to support Oxfam India’s #DonateForDignity Campaign and give women a life of dignity this festive season.


  1. Donate for girl child education

Over 80 lakh girls in India under the age of 14 have never attended school. These girls belong to marginalised communities and are denied their right to education.

Oxfam India has been working to ensure proper implementation of the RTE Act, spread awareness about the importance of educating the girl child in underprivileged communities, and monitor the delivery of quality education in its five focus states including Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Odisha.

This festive season, give a girl child the gift the education.

Donate to Oxfam India to enrol girls in schools, promote inclusive education and form student support groups to generate awareness of their rights. 


Social Inclusion

Our work enables marginalised communities, such as Dalits, tribals and Muslims to live a life free from discrimination

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