Jan 13, 2016

Bihar designs 15-year roadmap to reduce risk of disaster


Oxfam India partnering with Bihar govt to create a 15-year DRR Roadmap. Read more http://bit.ly/1P0Bw65

Bihar govt aims to cut economic loss by disasters by 50%; Oxfam India helps create DRR Roadmap. Read http://bit.ly/1P0Bw65

In the light of the Sendai Framework for Action (SFA), Bihar is the first state in India to develop a Disaster Risk Reduction Roadmap to reduce economic losses caused by disasters by 50 percent, and the loss of lives by 75 percent. Oxfam India is working along with other agencies and the Department of Disaster Management, Government of Bihar to develop a fifteen-year roadmap (2015 – 2030) for Disaster Risk Reduction in the state. 

Oxfam India has been an active partner since the inception of the process to conduct the First Bihar Conference on DRR (BCDRR), draft the DRR Roadmap, conduct multi-stakeholder consultations on the roadmap, and conduct the Valedictory Workshop. Oxfam India was one of the core committee members for organizing the BCDRR and Drafting Committee. Experts from Oxfam India were in the panel of four core sessions which addressed resilient villages, resilient livelihood, resilient basic services, resilient critical infrastructure and resilient cities in the Bihar Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction held in May 2015.  After this conference, the roadmap was refined and enriched through discussions with multiple stakeholders. It was validated at the “Bihar DRR Roadmap Validation Workshop” on January 8-9, 2016, an event that was inaugurated by Shri Nitish Kumar, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Bihar.

“The roadmap would ensure that all the safety norms stipulated therein are adhered to by people as well as the government machinery,” Kumar said. He added that all buildings of public gather such as schools, hospitals, offices and government buildings should be built to be earthquake-resistant, and older buildings should be reinforced to be stable in the event of a disaster.


Written by : Oxfam India staff


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