Farewell Dirty Water

Farewell Dirty Water

Oxfam India through its Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) programme aims to ensure access to clean drinking water, well maintained toilet facilities and awareness to build a hygienic life especially during disaster. In March 2016, Innovative Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) models were piloted by Oxfam India in Puri, Odisha which demonstrated renewable energy solutions to provide access to safe drinking water in flood prone areas in Odisha. 

“A community based surface water filtration unit” operated by Play Pump system is implemented in Suhagpur district. This unit addresses mainly the bacterial and chemical contamination and benefits 60 households by providing a safer alternative for drinking water. 

In addition to this, “A community based ground water filtration system – Iron Removal Plant; which filters iron out is operated by solar cells and is implemented in Ogalpur district. The system provides safe drinking water to 127 households in Puri.

In 2014, Oxfam India with SOLAR built the WASH model in villages. The water tank – a flood-proof Pond Sand Filtration (PSF) unit which draws water (through an electric motor) from the pond, and cleans it by passing it through chambers of stone chips, sand and charcoal. The six-chambered unit filters out physical contaminants. WASH volunteers clean the unit regularly. The 10-feet high stilts make the water tank flood-proof. The Unit has the capacity to hold 10,000 liters of water. This has helped reduce the dependency of the village on the pond and provide almost a year-round access to safe drinking water.


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