This unique search engine aims to tackle energy poverty in rural India

This unique search engine aims to tackle energy poverty in rural India

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  • by Meaghan Mc Elroy
  • 04 Dec, 2018

Solar Village Search Engine is a crowdfunding tool that funds solar projects in rural villages in India.

How it works?
Revenue generated from sponsored advertisements on the Solar Village Search Engine is used for the installation of solar energy systems in villages in India. Users can contribute to this initiative through their daily web searches by making Solar Village Search Engine their default search engine,

The initiative aims to solarize 100 villages in Tamil Nadu by 2030. The first Solar Village project has already started.

The Solar Village Search Engine is a part of the Solar Village Initiative, which works to alleviate the impacts of inconsistent energy supply — sometimes referred to as “energy poverty” — in rural villages. By providing the means of generating energy locally, the initiative hopes to improve conditions for livelihood, education, health, and environmental well being.

The solar energy generated is sold to third parties. Ten percent of this income will go to the village to be spent as they see fit on village development programs. The rest of the income will go toward funding future Solar Village projects.

Leveraging the power of internet for clean energy
“I feel passionately about the ways in which technology can make people’s lives better,” said Martin Scherfler, co-founder of Auroville Consulting. “Solarisaring villages is a clear way in which we can help the environment and help people. This is a passion I share with many people around the world. Using the power of the internet and leveraging a day to day activity such as a web-search, therefore seemed an obvious way in which all those who share my passion could contribute to making a greener world - without any additional cost to themselves! I urge everyone to support the Solar Village Search engine and its ultimate goal of solarising 100 villages.” 

The Solar Village Initiative is managed by Auroville Consulting, a unit of the nonprofit Auroville Foundation. 

More information about the Solar Village Search Engine can be found here 

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