Oxfam Stands with Kerala

Oxfam Stands with Kerala

In August, Kerala witnessed the worst floods in 100 years.  Over 15 lakh people have so far been affected, leaving families without homes and livelihood. The devastating floods claimed more than 400 lives. The aftermath flood situation still remains critical due to the outbreak of leptospirosis (rat fever), dengue and other bacterial diseases. 

Oxfam immediately distributed relief materials and continues to provide long-term recovery and rehabilitation support. We have helped over 7,288 people in the most vulnerable communities of Kerala in Idukki, Alleppey, Wayanad and Pathanamthitta. Our team is tirelessly working to help the affected overcome the crisis as early as possible. 
Oxfam’s relief materials like shelter and hygiene kits contain essential supplies, which cater to the immediate hygiene and sanitation needs of survivors like Kamla.

Kamla*, flood survivor from Wayanad, Kerala

"When the water came rushing to our house we ran for our lives. Every day we lived in a constant fear of falling prey to deadly diseases. We are relieved by the kind of help we have been receiving. It tells us that we are not alone in fighting this disaster," says Kamla*, flood survivor from Wayanad, Kerala. (*Name changed to protect the identity)

High Risk of Diseases

Kerala floods, high risk of diseases due to unavailability of hygienic facilities

Oxfam India’s humanitarian team is going from house to house in water lagged and cutoff tribal villages to conduct water, sanitation and hygiene programme which will help communities protect themselves from deadly infections and water-borne diseases.

Oxfam India continues to provide WASH workshops to people in Kerala

As children are the most vulnerable right now, our public health practitioner, Neha, was in Idukki to not only cheer the children up with activities and games but also to teach them methods of protecting themselves and their families from water-borne diseases. Schools have alsostarted to re-open in the district. Oxfam India also plans to distribute Education Kits to children as all their study materials were washed away by floods.

Oxfam has provided thousands of hygiene kits to families in Kerala

To protect women and girls from water-borne diseases, our humanitarian officer, Domaki Bhutia, conducted assessments to understand their hygiene and sanitation needs in Valiyabattam, Wayanad district. Based on the assessment of such tribal areas, we will be promoting public health programs in the most backward and cutoff villages of the state so people can live healthier lives.

Drinking Water Crisis

Oxfam India installed multiple water tanks for flood affected families

The most vulnerable and marginalized districts in Kerala are facing drinking water crisis due to contamination of wells during floods. Our team is tirelessly working to not only clean the wells but also provide water tanks, construct tube wells and water purification tablets. 83 community wells have been cleaned in five districts of Kerala.

Oxfam India Distributing Relief Materials

Watch Nagarajan from Wayanad, Kerala talk about his journey during floods and how Oxfam India's relief materials helped him cope with the disaster. 

Oxfam India has helped thousands of families recover from floods

Oxfam India continues to distribute relief materials in Kerala especially in Idukki, Alleppey and Wayanad. Over 1,423 kits have so far been distributed. Oxfam India aims to support 22,500 households with long-term recovery and rehabilitation and we cannot do this without your support. 

Your support matters
When individuals like you support, families and communities become stronger. If you wish to donate to help them get back on their feet and enable them to build their homes and sanitation facilities and lead better lives, click here.

Humanitarian Response and DRR

Oxfam India saves lives by building the resilience of communities to disasters and conflict

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