The Greatest Earning: EDUCATION

The Greatest Earning: EDUCATION

It has been rightly said, “Respect is not imposed or begged. It is earned and offered.” Mahima, a scheduled caste girl from the region of Barkhapur District in Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh has earned every bit of her new found respect. Mahima, wakes up every morning, finishes all household chores and heads towards her school. She is fearless and confident because she has the strongest of all weapons with her, Education

Oxfam India in association with Lokmitra had launched a campaign for girl education in which it opened a learning centre for girls. They were taught according to their level of knowledge and age. Accordingly, these girls were prepared to study in proper schools. Most of them had never gone to school and were taught at a basic level. After the termination of the programme, the organisation assisted few of the girls in getting enrolled in main stream education system to continue their schooling. Mahima was one of them. 

With the help of the Oxfam India, Mahima was enrolled in the private school of Barvaripur in Grade 7. Since then, nothing seems to stop her. Mahima, presently studying in 11th standard, continues to set a great example in front of all the other girls of her community. 

She lost her mother when she was young and now stays with her father. She has five elder siblings, all married and living in their separate homes. Thus, all household responsibilities fall on her shoulder. Yet, Mahima dextrously manages her house and studies to the best of her ability. She has understood the importance of education and feels empowered by the same. 

She indeed has gained respect in the eyes of her family, neighbours and relatives. Her proud father, Badri Prasad is confident that his daughter will bring credit to his name with her new found tool of education. This respect is what she has earned through her dedication and undeterred efforts to succeed.  

But this tale does not end here. Mahima is a seed sown by Oxfam and its fruits can be reaped by the entire community to which she belongs. Mahima has taken the responsibility of ensuring that all the girls in her community are educated. She makes sure that they attend school regularly and get a favourable environment to study at home. She even teaches weaker students every day after school. She believes that through a little support from her side, all the girls in her community can learn efficiently in school. Her efforts have shown great results. Today all the girls of her community go to school and can cope with their studies. 

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