Trailwalker- the ultimate walkathon for a social cause

Trailwalker- the ultimate walkathon for a social cause

Oxfam Trailwalker, Oxfam’s biggest annual global fundraiser, was introduced in India in Bengaluru in 2012 and Mumbai in 2013. Known to be India’s biggest walkathon and also the ultimate team challenge for a social cause, it is a 100 and 50 kilometres walk spread over 48 and 24 hours, respectively. It is stretched across some of the most challenging yet picturesque trails and is walked by teams of four who raise funds to support Oxfam India in its battle against inequality. The minimum amount to be raised by each team for Trailwalker is INR 80,000.

Dating back to 1981, Trailwalker is based on Brigadier Mervyn Lee’s team training regimen for the legendary Queen Gurkha Signals in Hong Kong. Since 2012, over 2300 teams have walked over 7,00,000 kilometres displaying strong commitment towards bringing about change.

Why should you take this challenge?

  • Once in a lifetime experience: it is the ultimate endurance challenge and will push your mental, emotional and physical limits beyond imagination
  • Team building skills: you cannot complete the challenge alone and that is the beauty of it. From preparing with your team months in prior to the walk to discovering their strengths and weaknesses along the trail, Trailwalker will definitely test you at every step leaving you adept at team management skills.
  • Absolute joy and satisfaction: the joy of bringing about change lasts forever! By raising funds for Trailwalker, you contribute towards creating an equitable world where everyone lives a life of dignity. These funds will be utilised by Oxfam India’s programmes in Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, Chhattisgarh and Assam.

Trail of Bengaluru

Starting from the Nandi Hills, the trail passes through more than 30 villages with awe-inspiring vegetable, grape and flower plantations- this is exactly what keeps all trailwalkers motivated to walk on! The trail is scattered through ten checkpoints and each checkpoint covers a distance of about 10-12 kilometres.

Trail of Mumbai

This trail starts from Gajanand Vidyalaya, Kadav Village, Karjat and ends at Pinewood Resort, Varai. While 70% of the trail is covered through scenic trekking paths, the remaining passes through village roads. The boundaries of this trail are covered with mesmerising flora and fauna, however, it is challenging because of its steep highs and lows and cutting edges. The trail is scattered through ten checkpoints and each checkpoint covers a distance of about 10-12 kilometres.

What goes into organising a Trailwalker:

  • Participants: more than 1000 people walk a trail
  • Volunteers: more than 1500 volunteers work in 40 different roles including doctors, physiotherapists and massage therapists, to soothe the weary walkers, trail marshals for event security and registration officials to ensure the event runs smoothly
  • Support Crew: about 400 people act as a lifeline to a particular team, providing them with whatever they need to keep walking

International Event

Oxfam Trailwalker is an international top-notch fundraiser, challenging walkers in 16 cities in 11 countries including Australia, Belgium, England, France, India, Japan, New Zealand, Spain and Hong Kong. In India, the event takes place in Mumbai and Bengaluru. It is a zero waste sustainable event and does not harm the environment.


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