Oxfam helped over 25,000 people within three months

Oxfam helped over 25,000 people within three months

Every year floods devastate the lives of people in North-East and every year due to generous donation from people like you, Oxfam is immediately able to respond to crisis and help people recover from such devastating floods. This year so far, Oxfam has helped 25,833 people in Assam, Manipur and Tripura receive immediate and long-term relief. Read how Oxfam helped Jhanki recover in Assam.

Jhanki is a widow and lives alone. Her economic condition worsened when floods hit her village in Assam. She used to earn a living by selling bamboo handicraft material in the local market. The floods completely damaged her home and disrupted the means of her livelihood.

Even days after the floods, Jhanki struggled to find food and clean drinking water. She soon took shelter in a nearby relief camp but faced sanitation problems and scarcity of food.

Oxfam India responded immediately in the area and provided support to help people cope with this disaster. Jhanki received food, bucket with non-food material and shelter and hygiene kits. “The relief material I received from Oxfam was very useful. I was able to put a roof over my head through a tarpaulin sheet, use groundsheet to sleep on a dry floor, use tablets to purify dirty water and maintain hygiene through soap and other materials,” says Jhanki.  

Oxfam helpled thousands of people in Assam

Due to the high volume of open-defecation in the area, Oxfam India also constructed temporary toilets to prevent the risk of water-borne diseases. Jhanki with other women in her community also received sanitary cloths to maintain menstrual hygiene.

Oxfam India continues to work on the ground in the most flood-affected areas of Assam, Tripura and Manipur so people are able to stand back on their feet. In the past three months, due to generous donation from people like you, Oxfam has helped over 25,000 people with immediate and long-term relief.

End of July 2018, second wave of floods hit Assam affecting over 90,000 more lives. More than 14 lakh lives have been affected so far in the North-East. Oxfam India is not only providing immediate relief but also conducting livelihood-skill development programs, constructing toilets, wells, pumps, providing sanitation workshops, helping in rehabilitation and enabling survivors to become resilient.

When individuals like you support, families and communities become stronger. If you wish to donate to provide urgent relief, rehabilitation and long-term assistance, CLICK HERE.

*Names changed to protect the identity.

By Naureen Khan

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