Your Appreciation Keeps Us Going

Your Appreciation Keeps Us Going

  • 10 Jan, 2022

It feels good to be appreciated and recognised for one's work, doesn't it? 

Our work speaks for itself but it is the words of appreciation that we have received from governments and communities over the years that encourages us to better ourselves.

Oxfam has been at the forefront of humanitarian response since 1951, when it first came with aid for the Bihar famine. Ever since Oxfam has been working in India through its programmes at the grassroots level and responding to humanitarian crisis ranging from floods to droughts, earthquakes to tsunamis, and cyclone to landslides. We provided response during the 1971 refugee crisis, Kargil war and the Muzaffarnagar riots. In the last two years we have been on the ground from the very day the lockdown was announced to provide food, and safety kits to migrant workers walking back home, to those informal sector workers who were stranded without food, money or job, to people from the most marginalised communities who had lost their very meagre sources of income to the lockdown. In the second wave, we were again on the ground, and this time it was to strengthen the public healthcare system. We have provided life saving medical equipment and diagnostic equipment along with Oxygen plants and training to ASHA workers. We have been in 16 states. 

Here are some of the letters and recognitions that we have received over the last few years from the different states that we have worked in.  

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