Securing Rights of Patients in India

Securing Rights of Patients in India

  • 18 Nov, 2021

Lessons from rapid surveys on peoples’ experiences of Patient’s Rights Charter and the
COVID-19 vaccination drive

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated families and communities and disrupted societies and economies. Patients had to endure various indignities in both public and private hospitals without protections or recourse to adequate preventive and redressal mechanisms. While, the COVID-19 vaccine is seen as a solution to the pandemic, its roll-out has also been rife with inequalities. However, many of the problems we have seen at this time stem from the deep-rooted problems in the public health system. A critical look at India's health system from the perspective of its patients is overdue.

Oxfam India undertook two rapid surveys on Patient's Rights Charter and COVID-19 vaccination through self-administered questionnaires, covering 28 states and 5 Union territories; as such, this bears the limitations arising from it being a self-selected sample. To learn more, download the findings below.

State-wise fact sheets are available here - 


Uttar Pradesh





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