Rapid Survey of Informal Sector Workers

Rapid Survey of Informal Sector Workers

  • 03 Nov, 2021

This exploratory study of informal sector workers, particularly migrants, was commissioned to develop an understanding of their lives and losses during the pandemic. Designed in the midst of the second wave to bring to the fore the voices of informal sector workers (ISW) from India’s urban slums, the study intends to inform Oxfam India’s work for the ISW under its new strategy 2020-25 which commits to working towards securing the rights, entitlements and dignity of informal sector workers in India. This study will form the basis of initiating its work in the urban slums of four major cities, namely Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore.

The study examined the awareness and accessibility of the ISW across four cities, income groups, occupations, resident status and gender to two flagship welfare schemes which aims to provide food and health security– the Public Distribution System (PDS) and Ayushman Bharat (AB). The study also probed the provisioning of social security benefits by employers as mandated by law. Finally, the study also aimed to gauge the awareness of the ISW themselves with regard to social security schemes.

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