Mission Sanjeevani Continues

Mission Sanjeevani Continues

  • 08 Nov, 2021

COVID-19 continues to threaten to rear its ugly head. We are working on the ground to ensure the public healthcare system is strengthened and the most marginalised communities have access to food. 

Oxfam India has set up 5 Oxygen generating plants— Karnataka, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Telangana. The next is scheduled to be inaugurated in Chhattisgarh. We also completed training and delivering training kit to over 42000 ASHAs in 8 states. ASHAs are the backbone of the public healthcare system and they have been working through most of the pandemic without much support from the government. They have put their lives and that of their families at risk while reaching out to the most marginalised and vulnerable communities. In addition we have provided 4416 kits for Female Health Workers from 18 districts in Odisha. 

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