Community Water Filters in Puri

Community Water Filters in Puri

  • 30 Jun, 2022

Oxfam India and LivPure Foundation are setting up water filtration units in 49 acute flood & cyclone prone villages in three districts of coastal Odisha reaching out to over 2800 households.

These filters provide clean drinking water, is enough to meet the village's requirements, is accessible to all, is affordable and most importantly has helped in reducing the unpaid care work of women.

The water in these villages have high iron contamination and high TDS. All habitations are inhabited mostly by poor people and are located in high coastal and flood prone areas of Odisha. The water filtration units filters iron contaminants, bacteria and improves the quality of water.

The technology is simple, efficient, affordable, acceptable, accessible and disaster-risk resilient. This is a community-ownership model where the users are involved from the beginning and take up the Operation & Management roles; and good coordination of community members with Panchayats and Service Providers (RWSS).

This is a system that addresses various forms of discrimination in the context of rural Odisha.

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