#TimeToCare (India Supplement)

#TimeToCare (India Supplement)

  • 16 Jan, 2020

With growing inequality, it has become pertinent to address the ever-growing gap between the rich and the poor. Over the last decade, academics, policymakers and multilateral institutions have been striving to draw attention to the growing importance of the subject of shared prosperity.

Oxfam India’s commitment to reduce inequality has culminated into an annual inequality supplement being published by the organization. With India’s top 1% population holding 42.5% of total wealth in India, it is imperative to solidify dialogue around the growing disparity in the world’s largest democracy.

The 2020 supplement focuses on inequality, in general, and women’s unpaid care work, in specific, and how an unequal distribution of unpaid care work between men and women leads to time poverty for women and forces them either out of the work force or into unfavourable working conditions. Unpaid care work is always taken for granted and perceived as an ‘act of love’, ignoring the physical, mental and emotional effort that it can pose on an individual.

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