Locating The Breach: Mapping The Nature Of Land Conflicts In India

Locating The Breach: Mapping The Nature Of Land Conflicts In India

  • 27 Feb, 2020

This report is the result of three years of data collection and documentation work by the Land Conflict Watch's network of researchers and writers. Data collection was supported by the Rights and Resources Initiative. The analysis of these data and the preparation of this study were supported by Oxfam India.

At the time of publication, LCW had identified 703 ongoing land conflicts; more are being reported every week. With the help of over 42 researchers across the country, LCW has analysed and assessed land conflicts based on the different sectors involved, social factors at play, laws involved, and land types under contestation. These 703 conflicts impact over 6.5 million (65 lakh) people, 2.1 million (21 lakh) hectares (ha) of land, and locked-in investments amounting to over Rs13 trillion (Rs13 lakh crore). Most of these conflicts were triggered by infrastructure related projects and many involve common lands and not just private lands.

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