Design Thinking Handbook for Private Sector Engagement (Hindi)

Design Thinking Handbook for Private Sector Engagement (Hindi)

  • 18 Feb, 2020

The handbook on private sector engagement is designed to provide guidance to civil society actors and organizations on developing engagement strategies for effectively influencing private sector action and accountability. It is a compilation of tools and methods on how to define, design and develop ideas that can lead to innovative solutions to better address challenges at hand. Its emphasis is on the process for innovative thinking and designing for problem solving, rather than the solutions themselves. 

Using the design-thinking approach, which puts users at the heart of the process, it aims to convert insights around people’s everyday experiences into high impact innovations. The highly iterative and non-linear design-thinking process—two steps front, one step back, and so on— forces practitioners to critically assess their assumptions, biases and ideas on what works at every step of the problem solving design. 

The Handbook is a collaborative effort between Oxfam India and Oxfam Great Britain. 

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