Policy Analysis on Sugarcane Supply Chain in Uttar Pradesh

Policy Analysis on Sugarcane Supply Chain in Uttar Pradesh

  • 07 Feb, 2022

Uttar Pradesh is the country’s biggest sugarcane growing and producing state. In 2020-21, area producing sugarcane in UP stands at 27.40 lakh hectares with reported sugarcane production of 22.32 crore tonnes. Number of sugar mills in the state (UP) stands at 120 and amount of sugarcane crushed is 10.27 crore tonnes. Which resulted in 110.59 lakh tonnes of sugar production. Whereas, in 2021-22, the numbers followed as: sugarcane procured is 4.77 crore tonnes with an order value of 13530 crore rupees. Whereas payment made to the farmers stands at 9352.09 crore consequently 4168 crore rupees is unpaid to the farmers. Which results in above 30% of the total value. Besides UP, Maharashtra is one of the leading sugarcane producer but despite having the largest number of irrigation projects, sugarcane farming is the prime reason for the low coverage of irrigation.

Read our latest policy analysis on sugarcane in Uttar Pradesh along with the farmers’ insights. We have looked at the polices via the gender lenses and attempted to reflect the role of women into the sugarcane farming.


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