Oxfam welcomes its 20th independent affiliate member, KEDV, in Turkey

Oxfam welcomes its 20th independent affiliate member, KEDV, in Turkey

  • By Oxfam
  • 11 Feb, 2020

Oxfam International’s Board of Supervisors formally approved Kadin Emegini Degerlendirme Vakfi (KEDV) as its 20th and newest affiliate member on Dec 4. KEDV has been an Oxfam observer member since November 2017.

KEDV’s membership is part of Oxfam’s drive to be more diverse, globally balanced, and rooted in communities. The announcement continues Oxfam’s process of more formally devolving decision-making and action through local civil society groups and leaders in the global south, and in being ever closer to the people it exists to serve in fighting poverty and inequality.

KEDV grounds Oxfam’s presence within a country that has huge regional and global influence now, as it has had throughout its history. KEDV has developed a particular expertise on supporting grassroots women’s leadership to transform their lives, their society and the world around them towards a society free from inequalities and poverty. KEDV specialises in empowering local women leaders to organize and play a powerful role in resilient and sustainable community-driven development and in building networks to advocate for and by themselves. It has helped to link these grassroots groups with counterparts in various parts of the world, like Asia, Middle East, Europe and Africa.

Oxfam chair Dr Henrietta Campbell said that KEDV’s agreement to become a formal Oxfam affiliate will be a huge boost to the entire Oxfam Confederation and bring significant benefits to KEDV. “As much as Oxfam will benefit from having a new, formal grounding in such an important country as Turkey, KEDV see the benefit of its voice being amplified as part of Oxfam’s global network. We welcome KEDV warmly into Oxfam’s family in our fight against poverty and inequality, wherever they exist.”

Sengul Akcar of KEDV, said that their accumulated experience in grassroots women’s movement building and women-led development and resilience will be leveraged and voices of women will be amplified regionally, and globally together with other members of Oxfam’s Confederation. “The partnership between KEDV and Oxfam will greatly contribute to the transformative change in power relations and creation of a better world for all.”

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