Fifth Oxygen Plant Inaugurated in Bhor, Pune

Fifth Oxygen Plant Inaugurated in Bhor, Pune

  • By Abhirr VP
  • 01 Nov, 2021

MLA  Sangram Anantrao Thopate Inaugurates Oxfam India Oxygen Plant In Bhor, Pune District

1 November, 2021| Shri Sangram Anantrao Thopate, the MLA of Bhor Vidhan Sabha today inaugurated the 600 LPM Oxygen Plant at the at the Sub District Hospital in Bhor. The Oxygen plant has been set up under Oxfam India’s COVID-19 response ‘Mission Sanjeevani’. The Oxygen plant will help doctors cater to the needs of people in Bhor and more than 194 villages in Pune district.

The inauguration was also attended by Shri Rajendra Kachre, Sub-Divisional Officer, Bhor, Shri Sachin Patil the Tahsildar of Bhor, Shri Dr. Ashok Nandapurkar, District surgeon, Shri Dr. Anand Sabne, Superintendent of the Sub District Hospital and Pankaj Anand, Director of Programmes and Advocacy at Oxfam India. This is Oxfam India’s fifth Oxygen plant to be set up to help India fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bhor Sub Dictrict Hospital has a capacity of 50 beds and First Referral Unit speciality services. The hospital brings medical and health care to communities in 194 villages and 1 municipal core area. On an average the Out-Patient Department (OPD) receives a footfall of 400 people which are predominantly from the Adivasi communities in the region.

“During the second wave of the pandemic, the hospital faced acute shortage of medical oxygen. The hospital was forced to shift critical patients to hospitals in Satara or Pune which is more than 50 kilometres away. But now with the inauguration of this Oxygen plant,

The Sub District Hospital can now take care of the needs of the marginalised communities in the region” said Pankaj Anand, Director of Programmes and Advocacy at Oxfam India.

“Besides this plant, we have set up Oxygen plants in Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana and Bihar. These plants are being set up under Mission Sanjeevani, which is Oxfam India’s COVID-19 Response 2.0. Mission Sanjeevani is focussing on strengthening the public health system in 16 states since the second wave swept across the country”, said Pankaj Anand.

In Maharashtra, Oxfam India as part of Mission Sanjeevani has so far provided 27 Oxygen Concentrators, 15 BiPAP Machine, 97 Hospital Beds with mattresses, 15 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor, 07 ventilators, 02 Oxygen wall units, 147 Oxygen cylinders, 147 Oxygen flow meter with humidifier, 1290 nasal masks, 300 NRB masks, 239 Pulse Oximeters, 239 Nebuliser machines, 49 BP Machines, 454 digital thermometers, 20 sanitization spray machines and 75 bottles of disinfectant (Sodium Hydrochloride). Oxfam India has also provided 2930 kits for ASHA workers, 1420 PPE kits for medical staff and 1500 safety kits for frontline workers. Dry ration and community safety kits were also provided to 2300 families across the state.

For Oxfam India, the primary focus in the second wave is health. Oxfam India CEO Amitabh Behar said: “We are reaching out to public healthcare institutions, district administrations and COVID Care Centres with medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, patient monitoring systems, oximeters, oxygen nasal masks, and thermometers along with PPE kits and safety kits for frontline health workers.”

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