Annual Reports

2014-2015 - Creating an equal world

2014-2015 - Creating an equal world

  • 25 Nov, 2015

Oxfam India’s 2015 Annual Report is here, and this time we’ve made it more interactive, simpler to read and easier to access on your mobile phone and tablets.  This edition of our Annual Report is more vibrant and more visually appealing than before, with vivid photographs and insightful infographics bringing the stories to life in a responsive, interactive and user-friendly manner.  

Now in the 65th year of our association with India, we continue to work towards global goals of equality, eradication of poverty and justice on ground in the country, with support from local partners and Oxfam affiliates around the world.  The annual report describes Oxfam India’s work in the context of global developments, such as the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as national considerations such as women’s empowerment and gender justice.

In 2015, our work towards economic justice included efforts to understand the causes of economic inequality and building concrete solutions to the problems by ensuring fair access to natural resources and helping create sustainable livelihoods. One of the central problems India faces is the spread of small holder agriculture, which is inefficient and prone to problems such as lack of access to irrigation facilities, credit or technical know-how. Having recognized the vital role that women play in agriculture, we also helped women farmers get rights and access to farmland.

We have also continued our work towards ensuring the right to access to education and healthcare through our programs and campaigns for essential services. These programs involve state and civil society partners working at various levels to raise awareness and build advocacy for basic rights such as medical facilities and education.

Oxfam India’s Gender Justice campaign broadly covers violence against women and pushes for their political empowerment. We aim to gradually eliminate the social acceptance of violence against women through policy and practices, and simultaneously bringing a change in social beliefs and systems that propagate violence. Across Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Jharkand, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, Oxfam India has been challenging regressive social norms that devalue women through this campaign. This was the focus of our work during the “16 Days of Activism” this year.

Oxfam India’s humanitarian crisis response this year included addressing flood situations in Jammu & Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Odisha and Assam, a cyclone in Odisha and working towards the prevention and mitigation of future disaster through preparation. 

Oxfam Trailwalker, a flagship fundraising event, completed two editions this year, in Mumbai and Bengaluru. Participants in both the cities together raised as much as Rs. 3.62 crore for social and humanitarian causes. 

For further details and more information about us and our work, please visit and take a look at our interactive digital Annual Report.


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