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I Want to Stand Up for Quality Education for All Children

I Want to Stand Up for Quality Education for All Children

When schools reopened after the lockdown, Sonali could no longer attend the school she studied in. Her father couldn’t afford to pay the fees - monthly fee of Rs. 90 in addition to the full fees during the lockdown when the school was closed. Sonali stayed home and did the chores around the house while desperately wishing she could continue her studies.

Oxfam India’s teams have been working tirelessly to ensure children receive quality education through the lockdown and even after schools reopened. Mohalla (neighbourhood) Classes managed by community organisers have been instrumental in bridging the learning gap and eventually helping them return to formal school. 1166 children have attended 51 Mohalla classes run by Oxfam India in the last few months. You can watch Sonali’s story here

But it’s far from over. Sonali was not the only child deprived of an education, there are many others like her who have missed many months of schooling or dropped out of the education system entirely. Together, we must ensure these children go back to school. We can help rebuild a nation in which every child receives quality education.

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