We work to achieve the goal of universal, inclusive and quality elementary education.

We work to achieve the goal of universal, inclusive and quality elementary education. We campaign for the educational rights of the most marginalised communities, with emphasis on the girl child.

Our focus has been on ensuring the proper implementation of the RTE Act. This has combined working with communities for monitoring the delivery of quality education on the ground, engagement with teachers, elected peoples' representatives and bringing together existing education networks for a synergy of forces.

Oxfam India is a founding member of the National RTE Forum, the largest alliance on education in the country constituting civil society organisations and agencies working people's access to quality, universal and inclusive elementary education.

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08 Sep, 2015


10 facts on illiteracy in India that you must know

Literacy constitutes the backbone of development in a progressing country like India.
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10 Mar, 2016


MHRD objected the Rajasthan government to amend the No-Detention Policy

Because of Oxfam India's efforts, together with RTE forum and efforts of others as well, MHRD objected the Rajasthan government to amend the no-detention policy.
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18 Mar, 2016

New Delhi

No-Detention: Who Is Under The Scanner?

The clamour to bring back the detentionbased examination system is misguided
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12 Oct, 2018

Uttar Pradesh

A day in the life of a 16-year-old Rani

Nearly two crore children are out-of-school in India* and most of them belong to the marginalized sector where families struggle to provide a day’s meal *(As per NSS data). ...
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15 Nov, 2018

Uttar Pradesh

Her struggle for an education

Tanu* dreams of going to school so she can help her family break out of poverty. Every day she would travel from her slum in Raebareli to study in a nearby Upper Primary School. ...
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Mobilising Forest Dwelling Communities to Claim Individual and Community Forest Rights

Oxfam Trailwalker, Bengaluru 2017
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