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Too Costly To Be IllLakhs of people in India especially the poor and vulnerable, do not visit the hospitals when they fall ill. Instead, they stay at home and live in their ailing condition. If only they had enough money for a two square meal, clean drinking water, proper sanitation and money for...

Outsourcing of Haemodialysis Services in Delhi, A Case Study

The functioning and performance of the RSBY and several other insurance schemes of state governments have been studied and their performance and problems have been highlighted.

Outsourcing of Mobile Medical Units in Chhattisgarh, A Case Study

This study was undertaken in order to understand the reasons for introducing outsourcing of MMU, analyse its performance, evaluate its impact on the community for which the initiative was started and understand the reasons for it closing down.

Outsourcing of Radiology Services in Bihar, A Case Study

The current study has tried to understand the performance of diagnostic service delivery in Bihar provided by the government through private sector.

Outsourcing of Recruitment and Management of Human Resources for Remote and Conflict areas in Chhattisgarh, A Case Study

Providing health care is a human resource intensive activity, and in Chhattisgarh state the shortage of trained health care providers is among the most acute in the entire country. 

Regulatory Capture and Access to Healthcare India Case Study

This paper examines how instances of regulatory capture are not an isolated phenomenon but are embedded in the neoliberal economic system itself. The focus is on a range of regulatory mechanisms that deal with Access to Medicines.

A functional rural health centre shows the way in Bihar

Sharelines Read how a community transformed a defunct health centre into one of the best in the region in #Bihar. http://bit.ly/1IqhfNF @OxfamIndia and partner helps a community transform its health centre in #Bihar. http://bit.ly/1IqhfNF The Health Sub Centre (HSC) at Marwatoli village, which...

Here’s Why States Need to Provide Free Basic Medicines

Sharelines Millions of Indians choose not to get medical treatment when ill because they cannot afford it. Read more http://bit.ly/1o9d5HP Nabina’s family has been in debt since she got fever last year. Find out why http://bit.ly/1o9d5HP Last year, 18-year-old Nabina Bagartee, who lives in village...

'It's time to discuss, rebuild doctor-patient bond'

MUMBAI: A group of doctors, fed up with the tag of commercialization attached to the Indian medical fraternity, has come up with a Munnabhai-style campaign to counter it. On the occasion of Doctor's Day on July 1, these doctors will use a letter—purportedly written by a patient - thanking his/...

Health Service Inequities as Challenge to Health Security

Health Service Inequities as Challenge to Health Security