Richest 1 percent bagged 73 percent of wealth created last year - poorest half of India got 1 percent, says Oxfam India

73 percent of the wealth generated last year went to the richest one percent, while 67 crore Indians who comprise the poorest half of the population saw one percent increase in their wealth. In the last 12 months the wealth of this elite group increased by Rs 20,913 billion. This amount is...

Social Inclusion

Objectives·     •    Enhance active participation of organizations led by women and youth from socially excluded groups in social and democratic spaces•    Strengthen Community Led Organisations (CLOs) and CSOs to enable them to collectively influence...

Powering Primary Healthcare through Solar in India – Lessons from Chhattisgarh

Around 4.6 percent of primary healthcare centers in India are completely un-electrified making almost 33 million rural Indians depend on PHCs having no electricity at all. Distributed renewable energy could be deployed to bridge this gap. The study documents lessons from Chhattisgarh. 

The Future We Want – Implementing the SDGs

This policy brief examines the current contours of India’s socio-economic and environmental architecture and situates the challenges of effectively implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development within it. It aims to provide prescriptions for overcoming these challenges in order to...

Indo-Bangladesh Development Cooperation Policy Brief

This policy brief provides a condensed version of the research report on Indo-Bangladesh development cooperation. It provides the highlights of the history of cooperation between the two countries and provides the context for an examination of the present.