The Right To Know – The NDB’s Information Disclosure Policy in a Comparative Context

The world’s youngest development finance institution (DFI), steered by the BRICS nations, released its information disclosure policy in June 2017. The core document is important in that establishes the Bank’s policy on transparency, accountability and inclusive participation. The policy was...

Way Forward for the New Development Bank

 The New Development Bank, founded by the BRICS members, was signed into existence in 2014 and began lending operations in 2016. A majority of its support has been directed towards renewable energy and infrastructure projects in the BRICS nations and 13 projects (11 at the time of writing)...

Making Development Cooperation Work Policy Options for India’s Development Assistance Effectiveness

In recent times, emerging economies including that of India have made a mark in the international aid regime that has all along been dominated by OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries. Considering the lingering recessionary conditions in the North and the growing...

For transparent Brics, India must push for greater engagement with civil society

What is common to the mass anti-corruption protests in India in 2012, the upsurge in Brazil against the rising costs of transport and government spending on sporting infrastructure in 2014, the so-called ‘snow revolution’ in Russia in 2011 in favour of fair elections and the 2011 pro-democracy stir...


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