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Stand up against early and forced marriages

Stand up against early and forced marriages

Stand up for freedom of choice to marry.

Early and Forced marriages have plagued India for decades. 

Forced marriage is one in which either one or both the spouses, regardless of their age, do not give their full and free consent. Forced marriage may also refer to a marriage in which either one or both the spouses do not have a choice to end or leave the marriage.

Early Marriage is dependent on an individual’s cultural values, upbringing and personal experiences. In some parts of India, girls and boys are married off before 18 years of age. Some believe that the ideal age of marriage for girls is 21 years – after she completes her studies – and for boys it is 25-27 years – once he has started earning “enough” to support his family. 

There is another school of thought that believes this age bracket is too early and the ideal age is 27 years to 30 years for both men and women. And then there are those who do not even believe in the ‘right age to marry’ but believe that once an individual has found a suitable partner, marriage may follow, irrespective of their age.

Despite several laws making provisions to prevent early and forced marriages, women are forced to give in to familial and societal pressure. Consent for marriage is neither considered a priority nor mandatory. 

Oxfam India is campaigning to raise awareness among the youth to stand up for freedom of choice and raise their voices against early and forced marriages. 

We believe consent for marriage is of paramount important. We believe in the freedom of women and girls to decide their future, to pursue education, to explore employment opportunities, and lead a healthy and happy life.

Join our campaign to support freedom of choice

Early and Forced Marriages affect women and girls across India –
    Women and girls married off at an early age are at risk of sexual and gender-based        violence
    Young mothers are at a greater risk of developing reproductive and sexual health issues
    Research suggests that child birth is the leading cause of death for young girls between 15-18 years of age in developing countries
    Early marriages often compel girls to discontinue studies, resulting in lack of access to job opportunities 
    When girls marry off early, it is likely that their families are pushed into poverty

Your support will help us continue our work on ground to raise awareness among men, women, and youth about the impact of early and forced marriage.

Together, let’s work towards ending gender discrimination in India.

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Oxfam India’s Vision

Our vision is to help create a just nation without poverty; a sustainable society in which people especially the poor can demand and enjoy their rights, influence the decisions that affect their lives, and assume their responsibilities as full citizens in which all human beings are valued and treated equally. We believe in the “Right to life with dignity for all”. 

Oxfam India’s Mission

Our mission is to help create lasting solutions to address the injustice of poverty by engaging empowered citizens to become active and supportive partners, advocating an effective and accountable State and building opportunities for the marginalized. We have to create a society for all, where equality prevails and every individual can exhibit his/her right to a safe and happy life. 

We campaign to change patriarchal mindsets that influence violence against women  

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