Dec 7, 2015

Social practice challenged : "Let’s not intervene in ‘domestic’ matters"


WHO: Institute for Social Development & Indira Social Welfare Organisation

WHERE: Bhubaneswar, Odisha

WHAT: SPEAK UP - An initiative attempting to end violence against women in Bhubaneswar.

WHY: 42% women in Odisha face domestic violence. People interpret domestic violence as a ‘private affair’ and avoid intervening. Those affected have no avenues to access help.

HOW: The Bhubaneswar Auto Mahasabha helped in taking the message to the roads. Auto drivers were oriented on the issue. The Odisha Government had initiated women only, ‘Pink Autos’ in the city, Posters were created to targeting the community and pictures of the auto drivers were posted on Facebook using #Bhubaneswar.

BENEFICIARIES: Residents of the Bhubaneswar.

Benefits: Many are now aware of the helpline numbers and the support provided under the PWDVA 2005. Our partner discovered the potential and reach of the auto as a messaging tool.

FUTURE PLAN: They plan to strengthen the initiative with follow ups using the toll free number. They have worked with the auto drivers to develop a before and after analysis of the initiative. They plan to initiate a second phase of the campaign in November.

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