Dec 7, 2015

Social practice challenged : "Women don’t know anything and never are in a position to"


WHO: Lok Aastha Seva Sansthan

WHERE: Gariyaband, Chhattisgarh

WHAT: Information Centre for Women (Pilot Project). A centre that imparts knowledge to women run by women.

WHY: Lok Aastha realized women were disempowered and being marginalised due to lack of information. They were also unaware of the fact that wife beating is not only wrong but an offence punishable by law.

HOW: The Centre houses books on gender equality and feminism by prominent publishers. There is information available on various laws, government schemes (MGNREGS, PWDVA), posters on Right To Education, Information and Forest Rights. The Centre is open at all times and allows women to come and go as they please. The reading material can be taken home as well.

BENEFICIARIES: Remote adivasi villages in Chhurra block, Gariyaband district. Particularly Vulnerable Tribal groups (PVTGs).
Benefits: The Information Centre has helped the people in these villages to understand, discuss and analyse social norms, practices and belief systems, now empowered with knowledge.

FUTURE PLAN: Currently, the Information Centre is a pilot project in three villages. In the future, this initiative will be taken to other villages. The emphasis will be on sharing information particularly with the youth to bring about attitudinal changes regarding gender based violence and discrimination.

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