Dec 7, 2015

Social practice challenged : "Shocking number of women think beating your wife is OK"


WHO: Sri Ramanand Saraswati Pustakalaya (SRSP)

WHERE: Uttar Pradesh

WHAT: Chai Par Charcha - Creating an enabling environment (discussions over a cup of tea) to engage men and boys in gender conversations

WHY: To sensitise men and boys towards behaviour that perpetrates violence

HOW: Meetings were organised at chaurahas (junctions) in villages, where men usually collect after work. SRSP members started discussions on subjects that would interest these men and gradually steered the conversation towards discriminatory practices that reinforce patriarchy and gender based violence.

BENEFICIARIES: Residents of Azamgarh city. Villages in Palhani, Haraiya and Azmatgarh block.
Benefits: Nine meetings have been organised since July 2015, where over 500 men and boys have participated. Many cases of violence and discrimination have been referred to SRSP after these meetings. The men have also created a Whatsapp group and questions posted here are answered by SRSP team members.

FUTURE PLAN: Through the meetings SRSP hopes to form a group of men and boys who will help create an environment of zero tolerance towards violence against women.

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