Dec 7, 2015

Social practice challenged : "Women cannot do the work that men do"


WHO: Humsafar

WHERE: Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

WHAT: Women E-Rishshaw Drivers

WHY: Usually women survivors of violence are compelled to go back to their husbands’ or in-laws’ home because they lack a source of livelihood. It is important for the survivors to have a meaningful livelihood

HOW: Eight women survivors were identified - they were given lessons in personality development, basic gender training and lessons in self-defence. Thereafter they were trained to drive and were also taught to repair minor faults in an e-rickshaw. Additionally, the Humsafar team helped the women survivors prepare identification papers needed to attain a driving license.

BENEFICIARIES: Women survivors in Lucknow

Benefits: Lucknow’s first e- rickshaw license was issued to a woman survivor of Humsafar. These women are being looked upon as role models. They have become self-dependent as their mobility has been restored. Not to mention their self-esteem has increased too!

FUTURE PLAN: Next step is to get permanent licenses for them. The women plan to provide e-rickshaw service to other women and girls in the hopes of reducing eve teasing. After one year of attaining the permanent license for e-rickshaw they will be entitled to a commercial license.

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