Tea estate workers do not have access to clean water, sanitation, hospitals, and school

Your support will help Oxfam India end the suffering of the tea estate workers

Challenges faced by tea estate workers

  • Unfair Wages: Most workers receive Rs.167 per month, which is much less than the state specified minimum wage. More than 50% workers do not even receive a pay slip
  • Contaminated Drinking Water: Drinking water available to the workers is unfit for consumption often leading to water borne diseases such as Jaundice, Typhoid and Cholera
  • Poor Sanitation: There are 0 toilets in tea gardens. Women are forced to take leaves during menstruation and lose their daily wage.
  • Hospitals Without Doctors: More than 75% maternal deaths in Assam occur in tea plantations. 70% healthcare centres within estates are rarely visited by doctors and do not have basic facilities.
  • Hazardous Working Conditions: Tea estate workers are constantly exposed to harmful pesticides and are not provided with any protective gear.
  • Schools Without Teachers: Teachers in some estates are not even secondary examination qualified. 78% female workers and 40% male workers are unlettered.
  • Houses In Need Of Repair: Some houses are in such bad condition that on rainy days water pours inside through the roof and workers have to use umbrellas inside their homes.

How we use our funds

Your long-term support for tea estate workers will help:

  • Ensure a living wage for workers
  • Give a voice to women workers in decision-making
  • Improve transparency for consumers
  • Ensure that tea estates comply with their statutory obligations
*These are indicative of the impact your donation can help achieve. Oxfam India will deploy funds where the need is the most.

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