End Discrimination in India

Help me support Oxfam India for an equal society, where nobody is discriminated against !

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The discussion on racism is leading to interesting debates and insights, in our society in the Netherlands, and elsewhere. People are discriminated for multiple reasons. Millions of Indians face discrimination because of gender, caste, religion, social and economic backgrounds. Alongside the economic progress and especially now during COVID times, these discriminations are digging in deeper in the society, becoming more pronounced and getting worse every day. Violence against women and girls, discrimination against religious and caste minorities, and the inhuman treatment meted out to the most marginalised have become commonplace.These inherent discriminations enhance high levels of inequality and poverty, thus leading to very unequal societies. Oxfam India is building a strong movement to end discrimination and create a better India. It has been working to make people aware of their rights — health and education; it has supported women, girls, men and boys to recognise and stand up against violence; it has made sure that those in power are held accountable by their constituencies; it has ensured through its work that no one is denied their right to life. I am supporting Oxfam India by raising funds, so that they can end discrimination and build a more equal society. I'll walk the trail walker challenge; do you support me to support them??