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Education is guaranteed to children in India under RTE Act, 2009, but 2 in 5 children still drop out before Class 8. There are over 60 lakh children out of school. Majority (75%) of them belong to 3 most marginalized communities – Dalits (32.4%), Tribals (16.6%), and Muslims (25.7%)

In order to reach classrooms,girls, however,have to overcome additional challenges  unique to their gender. The ‘Free Quality Education of Girls Up To Standard 12’ .Campaign initiated by Oxfam India in collaboration with Malala Fund’s ‘Stand with #Malala’ campaign is a movement to change the situation. The aim is to make sure, girls not only attend school,but are able to complete their education so that they can realize their true potential.

Our focus has been on ensuring the proper implementation of the RTE Act. This has combined working with communities for monitoring the delivery of quality education on the ground, engagement with teachers, elected peoples' representatives and bringing together existing education networks for a synergy of forces.

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Oxfam India is working towards increasing people's access to quality, universal and inclusive elementary education in the mainstream public education system. In particular, we reach out to the most marginalised groups like Dalits, Tribals, Muslims and girls.

To build the momentum, the campaign will reach out for support to concerned Indian citizens. The documentary film ‘I Am Malala’ based on the inspiring life of Nobel laureate and strong advocate of girl’s education Malala Yousafzai will also be screened in 100 villages of Uttar Pradesh, where every 3rd girl who has dropped out in India lives.

Together, every effort has to be made to remove the obstacles that lie between girls and schools, because education is not an option, it is every girl’s right #haqbantahai.

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