Sponsor Toilet for Flood Affected People

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Floods devastate lives. In July 2016, floods in Bihar submerged entire villages and farmlands. People were forced to abandon their homes, and lost their agricultural produce, personal valuables and livestock, all of which they depended on for their livelihood. People were taking their first step to recovery when a second wave of flooding in August made matters worse. As many as three million people were affected across 14 districts, and 95 deaths were reported.

The full extent of their suffering has become visible and they need all the support they can get. Oxfam is committed to serve them, and we need your help.

Oxfam urges you to contribute to the construction of raised platform toilets that can be used during and immediately after floods. Open defecation is a major cause of disease outbreak. Since healthcare is hardly available in such circumstances, illnesses such as diarrohea become life-threatening and the quick spread of cholera becomes a possibility. A nearby, functioning toilet can thus go a long way in securing flood survivors who have already gone through a lot of trauma.

A nearby, functioning toilet can thus go a long way in securing flood survivors who have already gone through a lot of trauma.Here’s a snapshot of the relief we have provided till now in the worst affected district of Katihar:

Oxfam’s Goal: Saving lives, now and in the future

Number of families reached: 2,000

11,352 people including 5,381 females from 15 villages in three worst affected panchayats

Emergency Shelter and Non-Food Items: Oxfam distributed shelter material in the form of HDPE tarpaulin, HDPE groundsheet, Solar lamp and bedding material (bedsheet /blanket & one family size mosquito net) to 2,000 families

WASH: 6,000 families were supported with Hygiene kits to enable them to reduce their risk to public health diseases

Safe drinking water: Existing 1,186 hand pumps/water points were chlorinated/repaired for effective usage to provide safe drinking water

Livelihood: 100 households were selected for INR 7,000 Unconditional Cash Transfer for each

Village cleaning: Village cleaning drives have been conducted and WASH committee has been formed in 20 target villages.

Sl No Donation Option Break-up Cost in INR
1Bricks 700Nos6300
2Sand 2Cm1600
3Stone Chips 3CFT150
4Cement 5 Bag1750
5Ceramic Pan with S Trap500
64" PVC Pipe 5 Feet250
7CGI Sheet 6'X2.5' 2 Nos1100
8J Hook 6Nos60
9CGI Plan Sheet Door 1 No1200
101.5" MS Pipe 8 Feet240
11Concret Ring 3'x1.5'8Nos2800
12Concret ring Covar 2No700
15Painting Cost350
 Unit Price22000