Rebuild lives affected by COVID-19 and disasters

I am raising funds for Oxfam India so that we can together save lives of people affected by natural disasters. Join me!

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While we were still grappling to understand the COVID-19 pandemic and the distress that came with it — news of migrant workers walking back home hungry and penniless — we were hit by two cyclones. This made matters worse for those already reeling under the impact of lockdown and the disease. And I saw how Oxfam India swung in to action.

It was in 14 states with dry ration kits, cooked food, and safety and hygiene kits almost immediately. They reached out to migrant workers, the homeless, daily wagers and members of marginalised groups. And while this was unprecedented levels of humanitarian crisis, Oxfam in India has been at the forefront of responding to natural and man-made disasters since 1951.

They first came to India during the Bihar famine and in the last 69 years have responded to innumerable floods, famines, earthquakes, tsunami, riots, and even the Kargil war (providing aid to internally displaced people). They have saved millions of lives. Oxfam India taken care of the immediate needs of disaster-hit people — shelter (tarpaulin & ground sheets); food (ration and community kitchens); water and sanitation (hand pumps and temporary toilets).

They have stayed back in disaster affected areas to ensure that people spring back on their feet with livelihood options and communities become resilient and better prepared for any future humanitarian crisis.What’s best is that they reach out to the most marginalised and hence become the most vulnerable in any crisis. They do not discriminate.

I want to keep supporting them and I hope you will join me to raise funds for Oxfam India so that we can together continue to save lives and build resilient communities.

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